The Department of Transnational Studies

Affiliated Courses

The list of approved courses from other departments that may count towards core minor requirements:

HIS 221 Eastern Europe 1880-1991
History of Eastern Europe, including Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania, during the late 19th and 20th centuries.

HIS 227 Twentieth-Century Europe and the World
History of Europe combined with an account of the changing relationships between Europe and the rest of the world from the heyday of imperialism to the present.

HIS 299 The Holocaust and History
The Holocaust in the broad context of European history.

HIS 313 20th Century Europe (taught Fall 2006)
Major political, cultural, and social developments in Europe during the 20th century.  The causes and the experience of the two world wars in Europe, the rise of totalitarian ideologies, dictatorial states, and the Holocaust; the division of the European continent under the conditions of the Cold War, the collapse of the Cold War order and the birth of new nation-states in Europe around 1990.

HIS 319 Europe Between the World Wars, 1919-39 (taught spring 2008)
World history between World War I and World War II. The major conflicts of the period, particularly those resulting from World War I and leading to World War II. The formation of the Soviet Union, the crisis of liberal democracies, and the rise of an age of dictatorship across much of the globe.

HIS 346 19th Century Europe
What was the “long nineteenth century” in Europe, and why should we study it today? Cultural, political, and social developments during this period using first-hand accounts, novels, classic intellectual texts, and films.

HIS 383 War & State: European Foundations (taught Spring 2007)
Military conflicts including the Napoleonic Wars, the Franco-Prussian War, World Wars I & II, and the Cold War.  The outbreak of these wars, certain military campaigns and their effects on national politics.

HIS 384 War and Peace since 1800
The effects of war and revolution with particular attention to Europe during the last two centuries.

HIS 371 Social History of Europe
Explores the social history of Europe, including gender, culture, family structure, class and race.

HIS 395: History of the Cold War  
The Post-World War II order in Eastern Europe. The course covers texts by Milosz, Garton-Ash, Sewell, Winkler and La Carre.

HIS 456 European Underground Movements
The causes and effects of European un­derground movements from 1796 to 1945.

HIS 475 The Great War and Euro­pean Society (taught Fall 2007)
The causes of World War I and its consequences for European society and culture. The causes and course of the war and the political upheavals that followed in the war’s wake.

PSC 351 Politics in E. Europe Post Soc. Sts.
Examines only the countries of the for­mer Warsaw Pact and not the states of the former Soviet Union.